Welcome to RH Ranching

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RH Ranching is owned by Hilton and Robyn Sanders, being a family owned and run business RH Ranching is as much about the people as it is the livestock! Both Hilton and Robyn come from old farming families. Over the years Hilton and Robyn have run a varied and diverse Livestock farming operation; that played “second fiddle” to their well known and highly respected Safari Company: The Box H Safaris (www.huntingtheboxh.co.za). In October 2012 both Hilton and Robyn felt that it was time to call it a day in the full time hunting industry and in so doing they passed the baton on to Ian and Felicity Blakeway, of Kokstad who are now the proud owners of The Box H Safaris. The Sanders family is going into full time Ranching!

This change of business direction by Hilton and Robyn was due to the leading of The Lord God Most High and made total sense because of the following factors: -

  1. None of their seven children wanted to go into full time Safari Hunting, but would rather be involved on a part time basis.
  2. Their oldest son Jesse was going into his final year at Cedara Agricultural College and their middle son, Seth and second youngest son Falcon will commence at Cedara Agricultural College in 2015. All three are following in Hilton’s foot steps, who himself graduated from Cedara in 1984!
  3. Hilton had grown weary of the extended periods away from home whilst on Safari.
  4. Livestock ranching along with the breeding and training of Equines is Hilton’s passion.Image0220

At present the Ranching operation is comprised of several diverse enterprises namely:-

  1. A registered Indigenous Veld Goat Stud of the Mbuzi eco type.
  2. The breeding of Top Notch Riding Mules.
  3. Pasture Raised Pork.

In the near future Robyn will be adding her Robyn’s Nest B&B and Hilton and the boys intend adding a couple more enterprises to the enterprises already in existence. After a long career in the Hunting Safari Industry both Hilton and Robyn along with their children have learnt several important and key principals upon which a business must be built;-

  1. Trust in The Lord your God
  2. Have a Vision
  3. To achieve this Vision you advance step by step
  4. Do all things as unto The Lord
  5. Attention to detail is vitally important
  6. Build long term relationships based on trust and integrity.

It is these principals that we as a family are putting into play as we build RH Ranching.

HP l-r Falcon Ashleigh Seth Caleb and Jesses